Investigations of detectives to workers and banking clients are increased by 50% and lower infidelity

Investigations in Andalusia conducted by private detectives to people who work or have worked in certain companies, as well as to bank clients, have increased in the last year by more than 50 percent, although inquiries regarding issues Individuals, such as possible infidelities, have descended, as Europa Press has learned through half a dozen private investigation agencies consulted.

Attending to this, these sources have confirmed that it is the companies that hire the greatest number of these research services, since, according to the Gezurig Detectives agency, “the individual is not able to invest in obtaining data on infidelities. or about their children “, something that is observed in the attitude of the interested party, who asks if he can pay the price of the service in different payments.

However, companies are more in the “need to find out certain aspects concerning labor leave.” This has been reported to Europa Press sources of Apherton Grupo Investigación SL affirming that businessmen seek to know if said decrease “has really occurred because of illness and not because of work infidelity, working in this case for another company”.

A separate chapter deserves unfair competition, and as Gezurig Detectives has pointed out, this frequently occurs today, since “there are many employees who leave the company where they work and assemble another company that offers the same services with the same distributors and at a lower price taking advantage of the economic conjuncture “.

However, and taking into account the information provided to Europa Press by Grupo 3 Detectives SL, entrepreneurs sometimes want to leave everything tied, so “many seek to study the financial solvency of other companies before giving the green light to a possible business ” .

Bank level

On the other hand, and as it has been able to get rid of a total of 34,000 reports of location and solvency of defaulters carried out last year by the detective private corporation Detectys in Andalusia, the majority of people investigated “has failed the income circumstantially “, although in recent years there has been a change in trend because,” there used to be a professional defaulter, who did not pay people, whereas at the moment there is a defaulter who cannot meet so many commitments. economic “.

According to Europa Press, the president of the Management Committee of the College of Detectives of Andalusia, Manuel Rosa, said: “Many banks prefer to hire these services before acting judicially” and added that the aforementioned reports are usually contracted by “the four big banks”. Spanish, to whom are owed different types of credit, from a debt contracted by a credit card, with which the person in question has spent more funds than he had available, to a contract for not paying a mortgage loan “- Noternet.

In this way, if it is the latter case, Rosa maintains that “the first thing the detective has to do is if the researched lives, since the house has been sold to a third party”. Thus, if the person investigated lives in a mortgaged house, the information requesting the family situation is transferred to the bank, such as if the person has a spouse or if the husband has been fired and only the woman enters the home.

Particular level

But there are other issues concerning the personal plane that is also followed by the detectives. Thus, sources from Gezurig Detectives have pointed out to Europa Press the persecutions for infidelity have decreased and increased those that pursue the maintenance of the children in cases of separated or divorced couples, and is that, “there is a picaresque consistent that the father in issue register a lower economic amount than actually received in the salary so as not to provide your spouse with a money for the aforementioned maintenance.

With reference to this, what the contractor seeks is “to fight for the custody of the children”, in which case it tries to demonstrate that the father or the mother “is not the right one” by providing graphics documents in which it is observed that the same or the same “late night or, even, suffers a politoxicomania”.

However, there are also those who, according to sources from Rafael Pérez Línea de Investigación at Europa Press, have stated that “more research is being done for compensatory measures in separations”, and that “the situation of some women changes over time since the divorce the judge dictates a compensatory pension for the same one, because this one can stop needing this pension when being already maintained by another person or to have acquired a new patrimony “.

Undoubtedly, other investigations whose number has also increased compared to a few years ago, concluded the same sources, are those related to the simulation of traffic accidents, because “many people exaggerate the injuries suffered to acquire greater financial compensation form of traffic insurance “, constituting this other way of benefiting economically in a time of crisis.