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How does our mini loan comparison work?

In our company featuring a small loan comparison, which is not only the winner of the category, but also provides information on conditions and services of the respective provider available. There are many providers that are different from each other, not only in terms of the mini loan rate: decision-making can be difficult if you do not have an overview. We inform about online mini loans – a comparison is worthwhile! Find the best conditions and lowest cost mini loan for your needs.

On us you can:

  • Mini loan providers compare with each other!
  • Read reviews of the providers!
  • Find out about the terms of the mini loan!
  • Make the best credit intermediaries and banks!
  • Filter out the suitable offers!

Before a mini-loan is finalized, borrowers should know exactly what is important. We inform you include: Which mini-loans offer a low-interest rate? Are there mini loans without Private credit? Mini loans in comparison: Where does the express payment belong to the free services? Which requirements must applicants meet? Which providers are recommended? So that you can make the best decision, we have tested and provide you with an overview of the offer.

How does our mini loan comparison work?

You do not have to be inhibited – at our company the mini loan comparison works very easily. Only a few details are needed from you. These include loan amount and term. To use the comparison, no registration is required. The reviews of mini-credit providers deal with much more than just the interest rate. Also in terms of security, service and additional charges, we have looked closely, so in these areas also worth knowing information.

A mini-loan is usually characterized by very short maturities, so that the loan amount can be repaid within a month. There are providers, where a mini loan can be applied for as low as 50 euros. Applicants must also meet certain requirements when applying for a mini-credit. For smaller purchases such as laptop, TV and Co., a mini loan can be used. If the current account of the current account is already exhausted and unforeseen expenses are incurred, even then a mini loan can be the solution.

Cheap online mini-loans: market overview is important

Cheap online mini-loans: market overview is important

Those who do not use a mini-credit comparison to search for a low-priced loan offer must plan a certain amount of time. In order to obtain a meaningful overview of the market, various offers must be scoured. Here, not only the conditions of the various providers prove to be different, but also the concepts of the providers themselves. It can be found among the providers not only banks that can create a loan offer directly.

In addition, credit intermediaries also offer their services. Credit intermediaries may co-operate with domestic and foreign partner banks from which the credit offers are submitted to credit seekers. The mini loan comparison is easy and time saving. Whether a mini loan over a credit broker actually proves more expensive can be learned about the comparison. The loan may be subject to service fees, which should be included in the total cost of the mini-credit.

The fact that credit intermediaries also cooperate with partner banks abroad can also be beneficial for borrowers, and not just in the interest rate. For some banks abroad, a mini loan can be obtained without Private credit. To find a cheap and matching mini loan online, you should take some advice. With our online mini-credit comparison, you’ll get helpful support so you will not find it difficult to make your choice.

Seriousness in the test: the quality of mini loans

Seriousness in the test: the quality of mini loans

A mini loan shows attractive advantages, which can be found not least in the unbureaucratic processing and a quick payout. In terms of income, too, the minimum requirements may prove to be lower in comparison with higher installment loans. So that borrowers do not fall for dubious providers, a comprehensive information gathering should take place. With different offerers additional fees for certain achievements can be incurred, which is not immediately dubious, but nevertheless to be considered.

In order to keep the cost of a mini loan as low as possible, borrowers should think carefully about whether the paid service should actually be used. In addition, the mini credit comparison also shows those providers who, for example, do not charge any additional fees for a quick payout. It is important that you inform yourself in order to actually assess the seriousness of a mini-credit. Here are five key features that you should consider when choosing:

  • The mini-loan provider will pay all costs and fees transparently. The credit should be finalized only after all outstanding issues regarding the total cost of the loan have been clarified.
  • The annual percentage rate is also relevant for mini loans. Whereby this factor is certainly more decisive for installment loans with higher loan amounts. The loan amount for mini loans is usually below 500 euros and comes quickly to the repayment, so that the interest rates are relatively less significant. Attention should be paid to conditions such as repayments in several installments, express and deferred payment.
  • No costs! If a mini-credit provider estimates costs, you should be alert. In mini credit comparison shows that the providers usually require no pre-cost. If the services of a credit intermediary are used, service fees may apply.
  • Even with bad credit, a mini loan is not excluded. The online mini credit comparison shows different providers, where borrowers can receive a mini loan without Private credit. A mini loan despite bad Private credit does not immediately speak for a dubious offer, since also in this case a regular income is a condition. Caution should be exercised when a credit provider does not demand collateral.
  • A reputable provider presents its offer with comprehensive information so that gathering information via the website is easy. A competent and easily accessible customer service also speaks for a provider.

Online mini credit: target group and purpose

The financial world has a variety of different types of loans that are targeted at different audiences. The most common types of credit include:

  • annuity
  • Construction Financing
  • Construction Loan
  • car loan
  • corporate credit

A mini loan of less than 500 euros can be used for smaller purchases. A mini-loan may prove interesting for both private and self-employed. Self-employed and freelancers may find it difficult to obtain a loan. To make smaller investments in the company, a mini loan can be a possible solution. The receipt of a commitment for a mini loan is higher with different providers than with house banks.

There are several reasons why home banks reject loan requests from self-employed. If the leasable income is too low or the self-employment is less than three years, it can certainly come to the credit cancellation. It quickly becomes apparent from the mini-credit providers tested that there is no such extensive review of the application, as is usually the case with high installment credit. The settlement is relatively unbureaucratic. On the legitimacy of the applicant but also do not give the providers of mini loans. It may be required to verify the identity of a copy of the identity card.

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There are many ways in which a mini loan can be used. Not only for consumer electronics, smartphones, short breaks or gifts, the additional cash injection can be used. If the credit line has already been exhausted, by borrowing a smaller loan amount, borrowers can bridge the time until the next salary payment.

5 questions: You should know that!

1. What are the requirements for applicants?

The application is subject to conditions that borrowers must meet in order to receive a mini loan. The applicant must be of legal age, otherwise no mini-credit can be applied for. The application is not possible for minors. In addition, a residence in Germany is required. A German bank account is also to be presented by the borrower. Depending on the provider, the application also includes the specification of a German mobile number.

In order to be able to repay the mini loan, a regular income is required. The amount of the monthly income must also be dependent on the regulations of the respective provider. The income serves as collateral that the loan can also be repaid. Those who do not have a regular monthly income do not fulfill the conditions. A co-applicant who fulfills the requirements can nevertheless obtain a loan.

2. Is a mini loan also available for bad Private credit?

For large banks in Germany, a credit rejection is carried out with a bad credit rating. The Private credit information is an important point for banks. Positive Private credit characteristics may prove beneficial to consumers. If the Private credit characteristics of an applicant are negative, a credit cancellation is to be expected. For some mini credit providers, on the other hand, people seeking credit with bad Private credit also have a chance. Credit intermediaries seek loan offers for clients. Various credit intermediaries also work with banks abroad. This results in an advantage for credit seekers with bad Private credit.

The Private credit stores different negative characteristics. It is important to distinguish between soft and hard negative features. Some providers also provide a mini loan if the borrower has soft negative features. An adhesive threat, for example, is one of the hard negative features, which leads to a credit cancellation.

3. What loan amounts are possible?

Small amounts can be financed with a mini loan. It can be seen in the mini credit comparison that there are also providers that allow a mini loan from just 50 euros. However, it is more common for loan amounts starting at 100 euros to be possible. Loan amounts of less than 500 euros can usually be repaid quickly. The APR invoked is less difficult due to the short maturity and small loan amount, as is the case with loans in excess of several thousand euros.

In order to keep the cost of the mini loan as low as possible, borrowers should only use the services that are really needed.

4. How is the repayment done?

With the repayment it depends on the conditions of the respective offerer. The date for the repayment should be clearly indicated in the loan agreement. Depending on the agreement in the loan agreement, the repayment amount may be debited from the bank account of the borrower at maturity. In addition, the borrower may need to transfer the full repayment amount to the lender’s bank account.

If the loan amount plus interest and any fees to be paid by the borrower itself, this can make the transfer even before maturity. However, early repayment in most cases will not be rewarded by a discount. The issue of special repayment is less relevant in terms of mini credit, since the term is already short anyway.

5. What happens if the mini loan can not be repaid?

Anyone who can foresee that the mini loan can not be paid at the specified time will find it possible for some providers to postpone the repayment date. However, this performance is also associated with additional costs. If the repayment is not made, the claim management of the provider comes on the plan. The receivables management is responsible for recovering the repayment amount. Borrowers who fail to repay the mini loan on time must expect reminders.

The reminders are reminder fees, which the borrower has to pay. If the borrower does not pay the loan despite a reminder, the loan may be terminated.

Fees for special services

An important role in the mini loan comparison is played by additional fees, which are charged for various special services. The additional fees can make a mini loan quickly expensive, so that the amount of the interest rate moves into the background. Some providers advertise an express payment of the loan amount within 24 hours. The fact that the mini-loan comes quickly to pay, is important for some borrowers. But before this service is used, it should be examined exactly what costs arise. It should generally be ensured that suppliers do not sell any products in addition, if this is not explicitly requested by the borrower.

Not all providers charge additional fees for a quick loan payment, which makes the mini loan comparison all the more relevant. Depending on the provider, the amount of the fees depends on the loan amount. The term for a mini loan is often 30 days. If the repayment amount can not be provided in the short term, look for a provider that offers longer maturities. But also at this point we would like to point out possible additional fees.

If you want to repay your mini loan in several installments, you have to pay a lot for it. An extension of the duration to two months is accompanied by additional fees for some providers. Therefore, before entering into a contract, borrowers should consider whether a multi-installment option should really be used.

How will mini-loans develop in the future?

How will mini-loans develop in the future?

In Germany, mini loans are not unpopular with loan seekers. An estimation of the future development of mini loans is difficult. Certainly such providers can score with borrowers who do not work with hidden costs. Suppliers who show fees transparently and otherwise work with fair conditions should also receive a corresponding demand in the future. Interest rates depend on a variety of factors, making it difficult to forecast. It remains exciting in the mini-credit market. We make every effort to keep the mini loan comparison up to date and that includes the extensive testing of new providers.

5 helpful tips and tricks

1. Make sure that customer service is competent!

There are usually several ways of contact, through which the customer service staff can be reached. It may be useful to first test the competence and customer-friendliness by contacting them.

2. Pay attention to free processing!

If the provider requires cost, it is worth looking for alternatives.

3. Repayment in several installments possible!

If you want to repay the mini loan in several installments, this option is available at various mini loan providers. However, the option can count to the paid services, which can make the mini loan expensive!

4. Pay attention to fees for express payments!

Make sure that a quick payout of the mini-credit is actually free.

5. Use online mini loan comparison!

The decision for a mini loan provider should not be rushed. Through a meaningful comparison, you can find exactly the mini loan that suits your needs!

Conclusion: Use mini credit comparison to filter out the best offer

A regular monthly income is also one of the conditions for mini loans. As far as the handling of the credit inquiry up to the disbursement is concerned, the process is relatively unbureaucratic. The request can be conveniently placed online. When choosing the right provider, loan seekers should take care that there are no pre-payments. Additional products can be found in the various offers, the use of which comes with additional and often expensive fees.

Mini-credit Providers offering a term of more than six months are only the exception. As a rule, the duration is 30 days. Whereby two to six months are possible with some providers. Those in urgent need of a cash injection because of unforeseen expenses have to rely on a quick payout. Especially at this point, the mini loan comparison should be consulted in order to locate a provider who requires no or only small fees for an immediate payment. Loan amounts can be applied for as low as 50 euros. Whereby most providers show loan amounts from 100 euros.