Online microloan Test winner 02/2019 – our test!

Microloans are particularly useful if borrowers have to cover costs in the short term not too high, but this is not possible with their own financial resources. This can be the purchase of a new washing machine, as well as repair costs for the car or the apartment. Online Microloans are characterized by short maturities and the amounts are usually between 50 and 1000 euros. We have compared numerous providers in our microcredit test and present the test winner of the online microcredit test.

The microloan test winner at a glance

  • The interest rate is 13.90 percent
  • Loan between 100 euros and 3,000 euros possible
  • The terms are between 7 days and 30 days
  • A 2-rate option can be used for a fee to increase the duration to 60 days
  • The express option is available for a fee of 39 euros

That’s what makes a good loan offer


Anyone who has to make money at short notice, but does not want to overpay their account for it, or even friends and relatives can not help, looks for a suitable range of online microcredit. The selection of providers is large and who has the time to meticulously compare all the offers or maybe not even know exactly what to look for in order to recognize a good offer. First and foremost, of course, the interest rate is crucial. Nobody wants to pay horrendous sums, which result from too high an interest, on the loan amount. In addition, it should be noted that credit providers waive a processing fee. Another very important point is the customer service. The following questions borrowers should be able to get to the bottom and answer them with “Yes”: Are the employees easy to reach? Do I feel in good hands and give competent advice? Will my questions be answered to my fullest satisfaction?

We introduce the test winner

Our microcredit test winner Neofunding is a company from Berlin and has been offering Microloans since 2011. The provider is thus in this field the pioneer in Germany. Until February 2013 Neofunding worked in close cooperation with the net-m 1894 Private Bank. Neofunding is a good alternative if the house bank does not offer Microloans and you do not want to use a credit line. The company has already convinced a large number of customers with its offer and can also claim a few awards. Thus, our test winner was elected in 2014 by the best provider of short-term loans. awarded in the same year the rating “good” for the offer of Neofunding and the online rating service provider eKomi, the provider with 4.7 out of 5 points.

Our microcredit test: Neofunding as the clear winner

Our microcredit test: Neofunding as the clear winner

The microcredit test winner Neofunding can convince with its offer on the whole line. Customers can borrow between 100 Euro and 3,000 Euro and the terms are between 7 and 30 days. At Neofunding, however, borrowers also have the option to take advantage of the 2-installment option and thus extend the term to 60 days. This makes sense if you have lent a higher amount and can not repay it in one installment. Those who opt for the 2-rate option, should know that this will incur additional costs of 49.00 euros.

Borrower, who can not wait for the credit of the money the usual 3-4 days and needs the amount immediately on his account, for which Neofunding offers the express option. As a rule, the credit will be given in 30 minutes if the documents have been submitted on time. But even this special service is not completely free. If you want to use the express service, you have to pay 39 euros. As for the interest rate, this is 13.90 percent. That may sound very high at first, but considering the short maturities, the costs are completely manageable. For example, if customers borrow $ 500 from Neofunding and set the duration to 30 days, they will only be charged $ 5.45.

What about the customer support at our microcredit test winner? Unfortunately, customers have to make small cuts here. The hotline is only available from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:00. At this time, many borrowers are out of business due to their job. In this case, you can also contact by e-mail and Neofunding answers, according to its own statement, within 24 hours.

Our conclusion: additional options can be booked


The offer of the test winner Neofunding can be quite impressive. As our microcredit test has shown, borrowers can already lend low sums at flexible maturities. In addition, a variety of paid options can be booked, which either extend the term or ensure a very quick credit of the loan. Even if the level of interest rates seems enormous at first glance, it is common practice in the microcredit sector to offer interest rates at such a level, as companies naturally also want to earn something. Due to the short maturities, the costs for the borrower remain very low.